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JUNE 2010

There were 21 members and 6 guests present for the meeting. The Club meeting focussed on the importance of the July Garage Sale. This event is the only fund raiser for the Club, except for membership dues. To make the sale a success, we need participation from all members. The success of the garage sale will determine the success of the competetion Hunt in October.

Wayne won the Raffle prize.

Scott McGowen won the door prize.

Coin prizes were awarded to:

Gale-Best find

Rich -Mystery find

Wayne -Most unusual

Scott McGowen/Larry Payne-Judges

Mystery Question was answered by Rich, Jon, and Wayne.

JULY 2010 Annual Garage Sale fundraiser.

Charles Kell arranged the guest speaker from the Sons of the American Revolution. He gave a great presentation on the role of privateer and US Navy ships in the War of 1812.
Also had a scale model of a 22 gun privateer frigate.

Welcome to Robbie Morin, who joined the Club.

Door prize folder shovel was won by Robbie Morin, $5 Door prize won a visiting boy.
Best Find: 22K gold ring by Tom McWillie
Most Unusual: Rossi saddle company badge by Buster Toland
Mystery find: most dimes, Ronny Reed
Byron Whitaker won the silver dollar fundraiser prize.
Madelyn and Diana gave the garage sale report.


There were 19 members and 2 guests present at the meeting. One of the guests, Sherry Dickson, joined the Club. Welcome aboard Sherry.

Jeremy Morley presented the program on black powder musket rifles. He also gave a demonstration on how to make musket balls by melting lead and pouring it into a bullet mold. The second demonstration was how to burn yourself with the hot lead. Next, Jeremy gave a prize for answering the question, Who made the first metal detector?

Door prize was won by Carl Allen
Best Find: BudWeiser Bottle-Bruce Fontenot
Most Unusual: Bottle opener-?
Mystery find: Door pull-Sherry Dickson
Carl Allen won the silver dollar fundraiser prize.
Judges: Al Leonard & Madelyn Knight

October 2010
November 2010

There were 18 members present at the meeting. The program was a discussion about the Texas Convention and Treasure Show and work committees that were formed to help organize the Club.

Prizes were awarded for:
Door prize was won by Ronny Reed
Best Find:         Robbie Morin
Most Unusual: Rich Rankin
Mystery find:   Jerry Rucker
Judges: Byron Whitaker & Carl Allen
Tom McWillie won the silver dollar fundraiser prize.

December 2010 We held our annual Christmas Party for the December meeting. Only about 14 of the Club members were present. Silver dimes were given out to everyone that attended. We had a delicious meal of turkey, dressing, ham and rolls, plus all the side dishes brought in. We all fun with the gift exchange next. Numerous door prizes were handed out which included a lot of silver coins. Only one item was brought in for the Junk Art Contest by Billy Ray Duncan. I was awarded first place. Rich Rankin brought in an item for the contest in November so it was awarded second place. Wish everyone could have been there.
January 2011

Annual club officer elections were held.
Members voted and it was decided that everyone will pay $1 at every meeting for refreshments. Guests and new members do not have to pay. Doug Powell is bringing refreshments to the February meeting, a volunteer will need to come forward for the March refreshments. Club will reimburse volunteer up to $15 for refreshments.
Members voted and also decided that we will work collectively on getting guest speakers for future meetings.
Members present at meeting 21, 2 new members and two guests.

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